The Opposite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle

The Opposite of Trust

A Cold War Novel Of Passion and Betrayal

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IT’S 1958 AND THE U.S. MCCARTHY WITCH HUNTS ARE DESTROYING lives, while in Russia, Stalinist hardliners are fighting Khrushchev’s reforms. Both countries are paranoid over the other’s nuclear threat.

A Russian bomber trying to deliver a threatening message to an American Air Force Base crashes on a remote Alaskan lake. The lone survivor, Major Anton Bidkov, has flown the mission to free his wife from a political gulag, even though he knows in his heart that she is already dead. Ellen, a self-exiled widow of a career U.S. intelligence officer, whose life was destroyed when he was denounced as a Communist sympathizer, rescues Anton. Realizing that both share similar stories, their common betrayal sparks a fire inside that each thought was forever gone.

Ellen and Anton’s impossible affair faces one major threat; each is a trained professional and patriot who together may have the key to stopping the deadly North Pacific air war between America and Russia. Is it worth risking what they have, to do what each knows is right? Do they owe their respective governments anything?

Book Info:

  • 296 Pages
  • ISBN
    eBook - 9781736007488
    Paperback - 9781736007495
    Hardback - 9781737949701

The Chad Gritt Series

The Pacific Northwest of the 1820’s is rich in rivalry, with early Natives battling the Russians, British, French and Americans as the Europeans compete with each other for dominance. World War II sees the Japanese occupy Alaska lands. The Cold War’s American aviators face off with Russian airmen over the north Pacific. Wealth brings massive crime and corruption. The greed of the powerful assures nothing will be done about it.

Chad Gritt Series

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The Opposite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle
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