Books by Rodger Carlyle

Books by
Rodger Carlyle

The Opposite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle

The Opposite of Trust

A Cold War Novel Of Passion and Betrayal

“Carefully plotted…an abundance of cunning political themes…invigorating until the last page.”

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Enemy Patriots

A Unique World War II Story of Love, Loyalty, Courage and Brotherhood

“A unique World War II thriller; love, hate, brotherhood, espionage, loyalty. With master storyteller Rodger Carlyle, every chapter takes you places you never expected; powerful.”

Enemy Patriots by Rodger Carlyle
The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle

The Eel and The Angel

Perhaps Where The U.S. And China Are Headed

“The ultimate espionage game of cat and mouse. A thriller with thrills, chills and suspense. Be prepared to stay up late for a race to the finish line. Rodger Carlyle is a master of his craft.”

Book Series by Rodger Carlyle

The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle

The Team Walker Series

An aging professional, Thadius Walker is called out of retirement to offer “old bull” advice to a small group of young American intelligence people facing deadly situations that could spin out of control at any moment. Paired with the latest of the Chad Gritt family dynasty, Walker guides from behind as Gritt leads Team Walker’s mandate to piece together tiny clues into a strategy and then a plan. Team Walker is only called upon when the government needs a crises solution without any press coverage.

the Opopsite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle

The Chad Gritt Series

The Pacific Northwest of the 1820’s is rich in rivalry, with early Natives battling the Russians, British, French and Americans as the Europeans compete with each other for dominance. World War II sees the Japanese occupy Alaska lands. The Cold War’s American aviators face off with Russian airmen over the north Pacific. Wealth brings massive crime and corruption. The greed of the powerful assures nothing will be done about it.

The Thadius Walker Series

Coming in 2022

Young Thad enters your world hiding in the shadows. A victim of extreme abuse, charged with murder at the age of ten, his is a story of survival under almost impossible odds. The lessons learned somehow omit self-preservation.

From that beginning, Thad lands in one threatening situation after another. Looking for family he joins the Marines during the height of the war in Vietnam. His intelligence and survival skills, along with the fact that no one would miss him if he never came back makes him attractive to the CIA.

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