Enemy Patriots by Rodger Carlyle

Enemy Patriots

A Unique World War II Story of Love, Loyalty, Courage and Brotherhood

With the first military combat of World War II, two blood brothers, forever divided by a terrible accident, find themselves thrown together. One is reporting to the Japanese and the other is part of an elite US military unit. Racial prejudice allows political leaders to imprison America’s Japanese citizens; they thought many of them were spies. Many were, but for which side?

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His family, held by Japanese Army Intelligence on a visit to Japan, Mark Ishihara is ordered to the family fish processing plant across the bay from America’s only military base in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. With the planned bombing of Pearl Harbor only months away, his job is to spy for Japan, as they prepare to seize American territory.

Mark’s blood brother, U.S. Army pilot Chad Gritt is sent to the same island as part of a secret American intelligence group. The two men are forever tied by a terrible accident that killed each of their brothers. Their childhood trauma makes Chad a recluse and Mark the life of the party, each struggling to connect with the women they care about. The two reunite only miles from the accident site, each spying for the other side.

As the war breaks out, Mark’s Japanese face is as welcome in Dutch Harbor as a rattlesnake at a party; but if he leaves, his parents die. Simultaneously, the American government begins rounding up its Japanese American citizens, worried that some are spies. Some like Mark are. But after finally disclosing his dilemma to his blood brother, the question is, for which side?

Book Info:

  • 280 Pages
  • ISBN: 1736007416

The Chad Gritt Series

The Pacific Northwest of the 1820’s is rich in rivalry, with early Natives battling the Russians, British, French and Americans as the Europeans compete with each other for dominance. World War II sees the Japanese occupy Alaska lands. The Cold War’s American aviators face off with Russian airmen over the north Pacific. Wealth brings massive crime and corruption. The greed of the powerful assures nothing will be done about it.

Chad Gritt Series

Enemy Patriots by Rodger Carlyle
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