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The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle

The Eel and The Angel

Perhaps Where The U.S. And China Are Headed

“The ultimate espionage game of cat and mouse. A thriller with thrills, chills and suspense. Be prepared to stay up late for a race to the finish line. Rodger Carlyle is a master of his craft.”

Robert Dugoni, Internationally Best Selling Author of the Charles Jenkins Espionage Series

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The Team Walker Series

Brings the other book series together… Three books and counting

An aging professional, Thadius Walker is called out of retirement to offer “old bull” advice to a small group of young American intelligence people facing deadly situations that could spin out of control at any moment. Paired with the latest of the Chad Gritt family dynasty, Walker guides from behind as Gritt leads Team Walker’s mandate to piece together tiny clues into a strategy and then a plan. Team Walker is only called upon when the government needs a crises solution without any press coverage.

Bringing together the Gritt and Walker series, I chose The Eel and the Angel, as the first of my stories to be published. It offers a glimpse to the readers of both the Gritt and Walker series. Whether you favor the stand-alone resilience and character of Walker or the power of a ‘team’ passed down from generation to generation, you will love how effective and exciting the two strategies work together.

Team Walker Series

The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle

Other book series by Rodger Carlyle

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