The Thadius Walker Series

Thadius, Greek for courageous heart… three books and counting

Coming in 2022

Young Thad enters your world hiding in the shadows. A victim of extreme abuse, charged with murder at the age of ten, his is a story of survival under almost impossible odds. The lessons learned somehow omit self-preservation.

From that beginning, Thad lands in one threatening situation after another. Looking for family he joins the Marines during the height of the war in Vietnam. His intelligence and survival skills, along with the fact that no one would miss him if he never came back makes him attractive to the CIA.

The ongoing conflict in Asia tests young Walker’s will. Trying to save the one woman he loves lands him in the middle of the Iranian revolution. And that is just the beginning. He lives a life where nothing is ordinary.

These are stories that prove, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

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