The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle

The Eel And The Angel

Perhaps Where The U.S. And China Are Headed

“The ultimate espionage game of cat and mouse. A thriller with thrills, chills and suspense. Be prepared to stay up late for a race to the finish line. Rodger Carlyle is a master of his craft.”

Robert Dugoni, Internationally Best Selling Author of the Charles Jenkins Espionage Series

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The USA discovers that China has developed a new, virtually undetectable submarine and are using it to spy on America’s most important military bases and top secret technology.

The Chinese suspect that an expansion of a Second World War historical park and marine sanctuary in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands is really a front for an advanced laser weapon that can render China’s missile deterrent obsolete. They begin naval and air reconnaissance of the project, but quickly find that the remote location is immune to traditional spy craft.

A special intelligence team, Team Walker, is created. Young Lt. Chad Gritt is tasked with understanding the Chinese threat. Former CIA operative Thadius Walker is recruited out of retirement to develop strategies to keep their adversaries from discovering the Alaskan secret. Their plan is to use the new installation as bait to study the Chinese sub without compromising the facility. Their final defense will be movement of a SEAL team to the Aleutians.

Their opponent, ruthless Chinese officer Gen. Yang, chooses the moment a typhoon strikes to invade the island, leaving the SEALs stranded. Beautiful Maj. Olga Tvorshik, head of a tiny Air Force police unit and stodgy Col. May Washington, a computer genius, offer their expertise to curb the threat. But without the Navy SEALS, can two women who have never seen combat defeat the elite Chinese commandos?

Book Info:

  • 287 Pages
  • ASIN: B08YS47TVY
  • ISBN: 1736007432

The Team Walker Series

An aging professional, Thadius Walker is called out of retirement to offer “old bull” advice to a small group of young American intelligence people facing deadly situations that could spin out of control at any moment. Paired with the latest of the Chad Gritt family dynasty, Walker guides from behind as Gritt leads Team Walker’s mandate to piece together tiny clues into a strategy and then a plan. Team Walker is only called upon when the government needs a crises solution without any press coverage.

Team Walker Series

The Eel And The Angel by Rodger Carlyle
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