Books in the Chad Gritt Series

The Opposite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle

The Opposite of Trust

A Cold War Novel Of Passion and Betrayal

A Russian airman survives the crash of his bomber on an Alaskan lake. He’s flown the mission in hopes of freeing a wife he hasn’t seen since the Stalinists in Russia sent her to a gulag. The warrior is rescued by the widow of a man destroyed in the Washington, DC, anti-communist hearings. Her own intelligence career was shattered in the same hearings. Alone in a cabin, hours away from the next human being, their shared betrayal sparks feelings that each thought were forever gone

Enemy Patriots by Rodger Carlyle

Enemy Patriots

A Unique World War II Story of Love, Loyalty, Courage and Brotherhood

With the first military combat of World War II, two blood brothers, forever divided by a terrible accident, find themselves thrown together. One is reporting to the Japanese and the other is part of an elite US military unit. Racial prejudice allows political leaders to imprison America’s Japanese citizens; they thought many of them were spies. Many were, but for which side?


The Chad Gritt Series

The Pacific Northwest of the 1820’s is rich in rivalry, with early Natives battling the Russians, British, French and Americans as the Europeans compete with each other for dominance. World War II sees the Japanese occupy Alaska lands. The Cold War’s American aviators face off with Russian airmen over the north Pacific. Wealth brings massive crime and corruption. The greed of the powerful assures nothing will be done about it.

Follow the Gritt family through ten generations, where ordinary people become heroes as they face dangerous governments, corporations, militaries, criminals, and places like Alaska and Siberia which can kill at any moment.

The Chad Gritt Series is a universal human saga, where each generation is governed by its values and seasoned with romance, assuring the next generation.

I present the books in no particular order. If you enjoy a book, you may choose to move on to the next generation, or step back to see what shaped the characters you now love.

Chad Gritt Series

Enemy Patriots by Rodger Carlyle
The Opposite of Trust by Rodger Carlyle

Other book series by Rodger Carlyle

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